Introducing Barossa Valley’s TLC Platter (Teas Love Cheese).

For a long time, cheese played hard to get. Hanging out with all those wines and fancy liquors. Late nights in bars and swanky restaurants. Meanwhile, we could see tea was secretly stewing. Waiting. Hoping. Oh, sure, there was all that flirting with biscuits and even those blousy scones. But then, one day, we decided to play Cupid and took cheese around to Kappy’s Tea in Adelaide. Boy, did they hit it off. It was like they suited each other to a… well, you know. So, if you love tea and you love cheese, here are three new experiences that could be the start of a beautiful relationship. Don’t judge it till you try it.
Our cuddly couples.
Shepherd’s Delight
A rooibos blend providing a smooth, warming brew that’s comforting and relaxing. Its woody aroma leads to nutty, vanilla and caramel notes with a spearmint finish.
Adel Blue
A mild and highly approachable blue with a tangy, fruity flavour from our mates at La Vera.
Thurbo 1st Flush
This Darjeeling is clean and crisp with a perfectly light astringency. Stone fruit comes to the fore ahead of a typical grassy earthiness.
Barossa Geo
Our very own elegant soft, white-mould cheese has a satin texture and buttery flavour with layers of creamy complexity.
Lapsang Souchong
Patiently dried over a pinewood fire, this superior, smoky Lapsang presents a lush, red-brown cup with a parade of floral, sweet fruit, clove and orange-vanilla flavours that magically manifest as it steeps.
Queso Manchego Maturado
This Spanish favourite is a matured, sheep’s milk
cheese with a rich and creamy flavour that offers notes of meaty savouriness, brazil nuts and salty caramel.

Introducing Barossa Valley’s Classic Cheesy Duets.

The Captain & Tennille, Renee & Renato, Peaches & Herb, and Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie might have produced some of the cheesiest classics you’ve ever heard. But the Barossa Valley Cheese Company has taken harmony to new heights with a tasting plate that’ll make endless love to your tastebuds. By putting two and two together, we’ve come up with the ultimate classic duets featuring four fabulous cheeses, each painstakingly paired to one of the Barossa’s finest ferments. Through cheese, you’re about to discover a new side to cider, a new cheer in beer, a new in to gin and exactly what’s OK with tokay. These just may be the best soul mates since curds & whey.
Our play list.
Track 1: Barossa Pear Cider & Barossa Geo (our soft, white-mould cheese with a buttery flavour and texture);
Track 2: Barossa Brewing Indian Summer Ale & Barossa Camembert (our traditional white-mould style);
Track 3: Seppeltsfield Grand Tokay & Adel Blue (a mild, approachable blue from our mates at La Vera); and
Track 4: Barossa Distilling Company Gin & Barossa La Dame (our smooth but semi-hard goat’s milk cheese).
Tasting plate is available at the Cheesecellar 7 days a week, costing $49pp.

Spring is here at Barossa Cheese!

barossa cheese spring 2016

Introducing our new Seasonal Cheese platter for spring!

Featuring Barossa Cheese Vache Curd with Owen Andrew’s smoked salmon, Barossa capers and dill, Barossa Cheese La Dame with Zimmy’s beetroot relish, dried figs, olives and Barossa Triple Cream. Served with crackers and pumpernickel bread (gf available).

Linger a little bit longer with a glass of Pinot, watch our Halloumi cooking demonstration at 11am daily or buy the Cheese and Wine trail – to take your tastebuds around the Barossa.

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Seasonal Platters @ Barossa Cheese!

barossa valley cheese co

Each season we pride ourselves in showcasing the best of what that season has to offer. Cheese often develop better in different weather conditions, so each season we will present this on a platter just for you! Watch out for our other experiences, Cheese & Wine Flight (4 cheeses, 2 wines) and the Brie VS Camembert Taste Off (to help you understand the true differences between the two rival cheeses). Each day at 11am we offer a free Halloumi tasting, so pop in and see what all the squeaky fuss is about!

The Barossa Valley Cheese Co.

“We will always be an artisan producer, sourcing milk from local dairies and creating cheese imbued with the character of the locale and passion of the maker”

-Victoria McClurg, Director

With tastings daily, visitors can sample a number of products from the range.

Monday – Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 10am-4pm
Sunday 11am-3pm

Murray St, Angaston, SA

Phone: (08) 8564 3636