Introducing Barossa Valley’s TLC Platter (Teas Love Cheese).

For a long time, cheese played hard to get. Hanging out with all those wines and fancy liquors. Late nights in bars and swanky restaurants. Meanwhile, we could see tea was secretly stewing. Waiting. Hoping. Oh, sure, there was all that flirting with biscuits and even those blousy scones. But then, one day, we decided to play Cupid and took cheese around to Kappy’s Tea in Adelaide. Boy, did they hit it off. It was like they suited each other to a… well, you know. So, if you love tea and you love cheese, here are three new experiences that could be the start of a beautiful relationship. Don’t judge it till you try it.
Our cuddly couples.
Shepherd’s Delight
A rooibos blend providing a smooth, warming brew that’s comforting and relaxing. Its woody aroma leads to nutty, vanilla and caramel notes with a spearmint finish.
Adel Blue
A mild and highly approachable blue with a tangy, fruity flavour from our mates at La Vera.
Thurbo 1st Flush
This Darjeeling is clean and crisp with a perfectly light astringency. Stone fruit comes to the fore ahead of a typical grassy earthiness.
Barossa Geo
Our very own elegant soft, white-mould cheese has a satin texture and buttery flavour with layers of creamy complexity.
Lapsang Souchong
Patiently dried over a pinewood fire, this superior, smoky Lapsang presents a lush, red-brown cup with a parade of floral, sweet fruit, clove and orange-vanilla flavours that magically manifest as it steeps.
Queso Manchego Maturado
This Spanish favourite is a matured, sheep’s milk
cheese with a rich and creamy flavour that offers notes of meaty savouriness, brazil nuts and salty caramel.

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