Introducing ‘The Ancestor’ by Turkey Flat Vineyards

Turkey Flat Vineyards The Ancestor
Turkey Flat Vineyards The Ancestor with decanter by Nick Mount

Turkey Flat Vineyards are thrilled to be releasing their new shiraz, The Ancestor this August, the first wine made exclusively from their historic 1847 vines.

In 1847 Johann August Frederick Fiedler planted shiraz vines (amongst 72 varieties of grape vine) on his property at ‘Turkey Flat’.

It was the preservation of the same vines in the face of the 1987 vine pull scheme which prompted the Schulz family (now 5th generation owners of the Turkey Flat property) to begin a new more personal approach to winemaking. Thus, after years of hard work bringing the garden back to life, in 1990 Turkey Flat Vineyards was born.

Naming ‘The Ancestor’ refers, of course, to our own Ancestors who purchased the Turkey Flat property in the 1870s, although interestingly the vines themselves are classified as ‘Ancestor’ vines by the Barossa Old Vine Charter. The distinctive script on this label has been taken directly from the 1888 Schulz family butchers ledger, discovered while restoring their shop to become our Cellar Door in 1992.

2012 was an exceptional year by anyone’s standards; lower than average yields, no disease, ideal ripening conditions and a slow steady harvest in which to give each parcel of fruit careful individual attention. From this perfect season came the most exemplary fruit off the Ancestor vines and the decision that this vintage – and these vines themselves – needed to be honoured.

The Ancestor is an extremely limited release and will be made only in exceptional years. To register your interest in purchasing The Ancestor, please fill in this form. This wine will not initially be available online. Customers who register their interest will be contacted on the release date to finalise purchases.

The first vintage – 2012 – will be released on Monday August 10, 2015. Price per 750ml bottle is $150, with a maximum sale of 2 per person.


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